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Pouts & Needles


High Tolerance for pain.. Some people have it, some people don’t. I’ve been told I do. And until I had kids, I thought it was just my maturity. Hah!

The last 3 weeks have been über difficult with the 3Ms doing a fever round robin. We just finished round 2 this week and I hope it stays that way. Like any paranoid momma we take the kids for blood work on the 48th hour of fever just to make sure it isn’t dengue. Last week was Melina’s round 2 of the fever and it was on and off for the entire week. We took her to get routine blood work.

It was her first time to have her blood drawn and though she never cries when our wonderful pediatrician gives her vaccines, I thought she’d cry this time. The vaccines always come as a surprise and last a fraction of a second (I’ve only seen our pediatrician do it that way). Blood work is a totally different thing… it takes forever! Here’s a vid of the needle horror and the pout that came with it. 😄

So, apparently, it’s not my maturity but my pain tolerance that is high. Must run in the genes. 😁. The smiling photos above were taken right after.



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