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Ninjago Challenge

My not-so-little man is suffering from a Ninjago craze. This is a long overdue post about his birthday


His invites were made using a black broad marker and cartolina: red, yellow & white. He wants to be Kai, the red ninja. The red cartolina was cut up to 8 pcs and used as the base. We then cut up the yellow cartolina (1/4 size to another 8 pcs, folded each piece in half (this way the eye hole of the ninja is equal – but don’t crease). The eyes were drawn onto the yellow cartolina using a broad marker. Since I don’t have a printer at home we wrote his invite details on the white cartolina and glued it on the inside fold. His invitations said, “Matty’s 9th KAI Challenge,” as requested by the birthday boy.

Since I didn’t have much time to prepare and a big budget to spend, I looked at what I had at home and worked the set-up around it. With the red cloth from the catering days, I covered one side of the sala with red cloth and stuck his name onto it for a simple background. Unfortunately, I ran out of double-sided tape so the letters didn’t stick to well. The same shade of cloth was used on the low coffee table and a black cloth was folded and fashioned into a runner. For the table set-up, I bought red plastic paper plate holders and yellow tumblers at p12.50/pc. The centerpiece was an all white fondue set with yellow chocolate fondue. I found Japanese bowls in the storage and used these for display. 20121101-095813.jpg

I wanted the food to be themed but the hub thought it was too much of a hassle so I just colored the pasta red. The best sellers were the giveaways which I got at a bargain: red-covered transparent tumblers at p10/pc that I got on sale from SM. Inside the tumblers were magic ninja potions (repacked ice tea with a sprinkling of red food grade coloring), and the games. I bought a plastic clipboard and cut it up into 4 ninja stars. That plus a styro board with targets written onto it got the boys giddy excited. They spent a big part of the party throwing those shirkens trying to beat the highest score. And there was the party entrance that said, “only ninjas allowed,” that was basically fashioned into a cave with an obstacle course inside. Fun, fun, fun. Will post a separate entry on that.

Of course, it’s not a party without a piñata. We made our own using Japanese paper, old wire, and cardboard.


The cupcakes didn’t turn out to my liking. Oh well, it was a last minute thing. 😪


Sorry the little man is camera shy. But m2 isn’t. That’s her, in most of the pics, enjoying the fruits of her labor . They all helped prepare and set-up.



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