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Cebu’s Best Kept Hideaway

Lanipao Rainforest Resort. Cebu’s best kept hideaway is right smack in the middle of the island city. Except to Cebu’s handful trekkers and nature trippers, most city dwellers expect to travelers hours and farther up/down the island to commune with nature. Little do they know that just a few minutes uphill, from the Guadalupe Church, a hidden gem sits, waiting to be discovered.


What started as a private place of respite has since been developed to house a total of 4 naturally sourced spring water pools. We were lucky enough to have been invited by the gracious Cabucos couple (who makes delicious chorizo and whose daughter makes the best lemon poppy seed cake I have ever had!). Their main rest house sits on top of the hill and a good climb down takes you to the natural pools.

That is the biggest and deepest pool (5ft if I’m right). It has two water slides that are quite nasty. My son couldn’t stop from running up the hill to slide down again and again and again…


The pools are naturally engineered to take in water from the spring (‘naturally’ filtered, before entering the pool), flows down to and through the different levels and is (am so happy to note) returned back to the spring, back to where it belongs. So, no, it’s not exploitation of natural resources.


Surrounded by lush greenery, the way to the resort though short seems like an adventure into the wild with the cemented yet unfinished gaps in between. Because it is deep in the hidden ‘rainforest’ mosquitoes can be a problem early in the evening. Just make sure to bring repellent. I think it is open 24/7. Entrance fee is at p50 but one must get a cottage at p250. This is to ensure guest accountability of keeping their own territories clean.

Nature tripping without the hassle. Fresh fruits and veggies abound. One can commune with nature early in the morning or late nights. I guess on weekdays it can be quiet too. On weekends and holidays, it be noisy once the crowd starts pouring in but for the younger ones who like the party atmosphere, it’s acceptable.

At any rate, it’s a wonderful way to introduce city kids to swimming in natural spring water. There is such a thing in this city, after all.

For the spiritual and physically fit, there is a 360-something-step Stations of the Cross path that the owners are building. The view from the top is fantastic! And city dwellers could really use the exercise and fresh air.




Mao ni Rainforest gyud…  Thank you Tito Dick & Tita Nelda for sharing your blessings with us. 



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