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A Chocolatey Easter Eggsperiment

20120408-223347.jpgHappy Easter, everyone, and Happy Birthday, Mum!!!

Since I saw a recipe online on how to make chocolate Easter stuff for kids that showed an oh-so-cute miniature nest made of chocolate, I’ve been itching to try out the recipe myself. But 1) I’m not good at following instructions, 2) I’m not patient enough to browse the aisles for the exact ingredients, and 3) I love to experiment… I just went ahead and did what felt ‘right’. Haha.

Disclaimer: Sorry guys, couldn’t find the original recipe I took the inspiration from. It actually used marshmallow to coat chow mien noodles… And I ran out of marshmallow. Thought I still had some lying around. Anyway, here’s the Chocolatey Easter Eggsperiment! 🙂

I bought the following from the Metro Ayala grocery for this Eggsperiment:
Vermicelli (sotanghon)
Goya milk chocolate buttons
Gator chocolate eggs (I think)
Additionally, you will need oil and fresh milk (optional).

The first thing I did was to soak the vermicelli (supposed to but since our cook was cooking pancit, I just grabbed what she had lying around). Next, I fried a handful at a time for my nest. (I saw chefs I worked with fry some pasta to create a Sakura inspired food art that’s why I did some frying too). I used the electronic burner and the temp was at 220. You can tell when it is time to take the ‘nest’ out since the sizzling quiets down a bit. Drain your nests once you take them out. I just set them on a strainer. You can also set them on tissue to absorb the oil.
While waiting, I set my chocolate buttons in a stainless milk jug and set the jug into the pot which had the still hot oil (much like how you would do a double boiler except it was oil inside the pot). It’s a bit dangerous but saved me a lot of time. I noticed the chocolate was a bit too thick so I got some fresh milk to dilute the mixture. Once completely melted, transfer it to a mixing bowl. I think mine turned out too soggy. But it had to do since I only bought a small bag of chocolate buttons.

Take your fried vermicelli and dip it into your chocolate mixture. Make sure to coat it through so your nest looks pretty. Set it on your serving dish directly or on a pan and wait for it to dry. Top it off with your eggs (didn’t have time to make my eggs so I bought candy coated chocolate eggs for this).
All done! Wait, photos first 🙂 I only use my phone since I blog from here hence the grainy feel. Hope you don’t mind too much:)


Whew! Sounds difficult now that I’m writing it. But, trust me, it was sooooo easy. And the kids said it was deli… ;9

Click here to see step by step instructions with photos that I found on another blog. Not exactly the same but it’s for chocolate nests too. Happy cooking!



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