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Fabric Flower Headband


Fabric flowers!!! Got too-beautiful-to-throw-away scrap cloth hiding away gathering dust? I finally found an economical way to use those bits of beauty 🙂

First, cut up your fabric into squares. I used 2X2 inch squares for this project.

Second, fold them into a triangle where you end up with 2 open sides.

Third, start a running stitch from base to apex to base to ‘close’ the triangle.

Fourth, pull the stitch to draw the tips of the base together so you end up with a petal.

Fifth, repeat steps 1-4 until you have five petals.

Sixth, draw all petals together to complete your flower.

Seventh, complete your flower by stitching on a cute button as your ‘pistil(?)’.

Voila!!! Flower power!!! I’ve seen some tutorials use felt to accent the button. You can do whatever you want, really. And since my little girl prefers headbands, we took some spare lace garter I had lying around, measured her head, stitched up the garter to create a headband and topped off the stitch with our pretty flower.


What say you? 🙂 This weekend I’m trying some Easter magic with some chocolate and noodles… Wish me luck!!!



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