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God’s Will and Puppies

Yaya reports to me: Ang itoy, nakit-an nako sulod sa bag. Nakuyawan Ko pagkuot nako sa bag naay humok-humok… Ang patay diay nga itoy.

She was looking for diapers and tried to fish for extra ones in the weekend bag when she found the surprise. We tried to ask Martina if she was the one who did but she shook her head no. It couldn’t have been our 22m.o., right? So I went to Martina and asked her, did you do it ‘coz you got ‘luoy’ to the puppy? She sheepishly smiled and continued drawing… Why?… The rats might eat the puppy…

Matthew heard the news and went down to see the evidence himself. He asked Martina, “why did you do it, Marts? The puppy won’t live again! Only God can make it alive again – if He wants!”
“That’s what I’ve been asking God! But He won’t!”
“Only if it’s God’s wish, you know!”

More often than not, their conversations are so amusing I feel like I could make money if I wrote about it. Howwwwellll, kids do the darn-est things!



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