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My Little Red Riding Hood

Our latest project, her very own red hood/ cape/ shrug.

This little girls is as crafty as they can get with requests ranging from wallets to clips, homework to painting, cookies, tables, a house and a pink bedroom. She can’t spend a weekend without a project.

Lately, her obsession is a beach house with enough beach frontage to build her sandcastle on. I say obsession because every time she sees me home, she tells me about how she needs to make something to sell something to have money to buy that beach house. Being supportive parental units, we let her be.

What we’ve done to help her raise sone money for her beach house: rummage sale, bake and sale, make those community sugarballs for selling…So far.

She’s such a crafty little girl.

To make the hood, I used scrap cloth. Silk was not a good choice. I found a pattern online that was quite simple. And since I haven’t had my machine fixed, I had to hand-sew. Whew 🙂 it will probably take 5-7 hours to complete the project.

Sew away! 🙂



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