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Growing Up with the 3 Kings

Family traditions are as peculiar as the families we are all born into. But peculiar or not, I think traditions are an important part of growing up.

I remember waking up giddy and excited every time the feast of the 3 kings came. In our family, that Sunday would have us kids waking up earlier than usual anxious to see what gifts the wise men left for us over the night. More than the candies, we were always excited to ‘see’ how thirsty the camels were judging from how much grass – our substitute for hay? – was leftover. The night before we would prepare some grass, some water, and our shoes. We’d set them outside hoping for delicious imported treats from the kings. We were never disappointed.

With 3 kids, a niece, and 2 nephews at home, we’ve continued on with the tradition. Today, the kids woke up in such a good mood and Sunday was spent with sugar-high kids running around. And I got a nice gift from my own ‘king’ as well…

Sorry, I wasn’t able to get photos of the gifts from the magi this year…kids got to it too fast.
Happy three kings, everyone!



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