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Trial & Error

January 2, the first Monday of the year. The first day of work for 2012 for most of us. While most go through the motions of the daily grind, some of us see it as an opportunity to work on improvements and hopefully the better versions of ourselves.

Whatever the case, we all wish that we would have perfect lives – impossible!

I spent most of my day perfecting the details of simulation – trying to make it as close to actual operations. I wondered, after crafting a hundred scenarios, will we ever get to a point when we can perfect it? I guess not…? But that shouldn’t stop us from trying right?

Counting all that play money made we wonder why doesn’t life allow for rehearsals? Simulations? Trials? Why can’t we push the rewind button and analyze the kinks? And if we could, would life be better? Just a thought. Just a thought.



adventurous mom of 3 equally adventurous kids and wife of an equally laid back city slicker...

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