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Productive De-stressing

Over-worked and in need of some de-stressing time. That’s crafting time for me :).

Today I decided to de-stress productively and made a pouch using scrap cloth, scrap elastic and a spare button. Most economic stress relief activity i’ve ever had!

Just took a 6×6 in cloth, 2in elastic, spare button and worked my hands.

First, fold the cloth in half, right side in. Sew all around but leave an inch open. I used backstitch cause I find it easiest. Once done, insert cloth into the 1in gap to bring the right side out.

Next, position lengthwise and fold 2x ensuring you have 2 equal sides for your body and 1 shorter side for the flap. Sew on the sides of the 2 equal portions.

You can sew in the elastic earlier or do as I did: sew on elastic underneath the flap bringing both ends together to form a loop.

Sew on button. Voila!!! De-stressed me with a pouch to boot!

Any other productive de-stressing ideas you guys have?



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