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Sugarball Community

Munchkins. Who doesn’t love munchkins? So some weeks ago when an officemate shared a bunch of homemade munchkins that was heavenly, I couldn’t resist but make some myself.

Crushed Ace crackers
Condensed Milk
Desiccated coconut
Mix until evenly done. Roll into balls. Coat with the coconut.


Sure?!?! Yep. Some might say they’re fake munchkins but wth they taste really good. 🙂 and the best part: because they’re so easy to make, it allows for more bonding.

Some excerpts from our session:
Matthew: wow, we have a community of sugarballs
Me: why a community?
Matthew: it looks like you know, a community… When people gather together like in our class instead of circle time we already call it community time when we come together to discuss why we need to keep our voices down and all those things.
Matthew: we’re going out on wednesday
Me: why? Where are you going?
Matthew: to crocolandia to do some research. We called already.
Me: who called? Your teacher? What did you say?
Matthew: we discussed it with Miss Christine and wrote our questions down. Nico was assigned to call. (Nico is 8yo like him).
Me: so what did you say?
Matthew: nico said, “good morning, this is nico from the Abbas Orchard School, may I speak with the manager please?”
Me: *whoa! Impressive! What school has the kids plan and arrange their field-trip?! AOS scores in my book!*




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