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the making of an ANGRY BIRDS party

Angry Birds!!! As promised, this post will be about the making of the Angry Birds party I whipped up for my son.

First up, the invite. Since one of the party venues was to be at Rainforest Park Cebu, I decided to take the Rio route and work around that concept.

Party time!
Story mode for drama...

My son did call my attention saying there are no golden eggs in Rio. oopsies ;p But I couldn’t think of anything else exciting enough so the golden eggs ‘had’ to be in Rio. Oh, and it was just perfect that the little man wanted his party at the Rainforest Park coz there really is a Rainforest in Rio – made the invite easier to make 🙂

Next up, I hadn’t been around the malls lately so I didn’t know there were a lot, as in a WHOLE LOT of Angry Birds stuff in KaKing Parkmall. First off, I asked my sister to buy stuff for me in Greenhills and Divisoria. Turned out that some of the stuff are actually cheaper in KaKing. Nonetheless, it was all good. To be in the loot bag were: push toy, pen, badge, stickers. Unfortunately, I forgot about the lootbag. Went to hurry off and buy yellow cartolina to make into bags… nothing found. So I went home dejected and lost of all hope.. Joke. Rummaged through my craft material and found felt cloth!

The outcome:

birthday boy with the loot

To make the lootbag, take any Angry Bird colored cloth and cut into circles of your preferred size. Make an even number of slits (I made 8 – one for each 1/8 portion). Slide garter into the slits (alternate in-out), then gather the the sides in so you have a pouch as an end product. I made the pouch permanent to make it look like a stuffed toy. You can always make it adjustable if you wish. Once done, cut smaller white cloth (sticks better than paper on felt) and use these as eyes. Dot them with the irises and you’re almost done! Cut off small triangles of yellow orange (I used beige felt) and use these as beaks. Last to go on, the famous eyebrows. Just cut small thick strips of black and stick them over the eyes forming a v-shape to get the angry look. Voila! The colors of the brows and beaks may vary depending on the bird you are trying to make.

Any other ideas for an Angry Birds party? Oh, we paired the birds off with real life slingshots that we got from Carbon.

lootbag table...

For our cake, we just bought a ready made cake – Orange Brutus’ Chocolate Monster (I forgot about ordering the cake, really) and topped it off with fondant birds (my sister made instant fondant for this). Our instant cake still turned out beautiful. Check it out!

Instant Cake
OB's Chocolate Monster now looking prettier

For entertainment, we had a face painter and we were supposed to have games after the kids finished the Jungle Adventure course but it rained. So we were stuck indoors. Good thing they had finished the course already when it started.

Fun, not piggybank breaking, and most of all, a great experience for the kids. Share your money-saving ideas too!!!

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