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Angry Birds Party


Angry Birds has been the rave the past months with the whole world abuzz about it. My kid's not an exception and so when his 8th birthday came up, hands-down, that theme won.
Being the stage mama that I am I had to throw him that party. And being the kuripot nanay, I made sure it stayed well within the budget.
Luckily enough, the Rainforest Park opened last month next door and Angry Birds Rio just happened to be set in the rainforests of Brazil! Perfecto!!! Except when I went to inquire about the package, buslot ang bulsa. The cheapest package was at p10,000.00/30 kids for plated snacks. DMD…. Ting! Brilliant idea came zooming straight at me, our new favorite food haven, Teresa's Kitchen, was right across the street. For almost half the price, I got a full buffet for 20 kids 🙂 wheeeeee. Proud tihik mommy 🙂
To stick to the theme, I got the real tirador from carbon and made my own giveaways from scrap materials I had.

Cute? What are sone of your money-saving tips for parties?
Keep coming. I’m posting the photos of the party next. Happy weekend 🙂



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