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To Yaya or Not to Yaya – that is the question

Yaya. The general term we use to refer to help assigned with childcare. Or surrogate mothers. The movie Inang Yaya hit the nail on the head.
While some cultures would label it slavery, what with meager salaries and far from ideal living conditions, I guess most Filipinos would say it’s fair wage for the level of performance. A rare few would say they are extended family with their kids and sometimes even their grandkids staying in the family.
I write about yayas today because it’s been a week since funky yaya, because of her spunky hairstyle, has left us. Stressful, yes. But doable. Her absence has forced me to get up an hour earlier – bathe the kids, prepare their snacks, and take their meds. In the evenings, I stay up later to prepare lunch for hub to cook the next. But I am enjoying. I feel a sense of pride seeing the kids get up on their own, walk to the shower, and today on our 4th yaya-less day they shower on their own. They take their breakfast without prodding, fix their bags and other stuff for the next day, set the table, remind mum of things to do. Heheh.
It’s all a bag of mixed feelings. I can’t do the laundry yet and I haven’t gotten the hang of doing machine laundry yet. And the hub is being his usual great self trying to do all these with me. Plus be the driver pa. Lol. To yaya again or not to yaya? I want to answer with a resounding no but my fibromyalgia is kicking in again. Lethargic and tired. Woke up feeling like I was sacked today and yesterday. Decisions. Decisions. What say you?



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