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Yaghurt – oh so güt

What do you get when you cross yakult with yoghurt? Hmmm… Cross that with ice cream… And you get YAGHURT! – childhood goodness with some grown-up sensibility.

20110817-072918.jpgEvery time I find myself in Parkmall, I always make it a point to get myself a Yaghurt.  It tastes heavenly!  Unlike those soft serve yoghurt ice creams that come from powder mix, this one is real homemade goodness!  You can even come across some bits – better identified as bugol bugol.  That’s the best word I can think of gyud.

This one goes on my list of all-time favorite ice creams together with:

  1. Coney Island’s Orange County flavored ice cream – sigh.  Afternoon’s at Manros Plaza, after-dentist treats… if anyone can point me to the nearest orange county like ice cream, I will be forever grateful.
  2. Dairy King – yes, not DQ!  Dairy King was an ice cream parlor along Mango Ave. right underneath that big tree…  the simple joys of life were just joy rides in the tamaraw with cousins off to get our dairy king ice cream.  Come to think of it, advanced diay kayo to sila noh?
  3. Le France – people actually lined up to wait for their turn.  I can’t remember really remember what it tastes like but it brings back good memories.
  4. McDonald’s Vanilla Twist – the last man standing.  Lol.  The creamy quality sets it apart…  BUT it has to be eaten a certain way.  Otherwise, it will taste differently. (inside joke that only the hub will get). J

What’s your all-time ice cream rave?



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2 thoughts on “Yaghurt – oh so güt

  1. Oooohh memories! Been searching for that orange county-like ice cream, too. So far, no luck. Dippin’ dots has orange flavor ice cream but it’s not as good and it’s freakin’ expensive, too.
    Great job on this blogsite, nay! Just found it today while searching for some nice sites about Cebu.

    1. Thaaaaanks ng Ruth! 🙂 ya bitaw, dippin’ dots is prohibitive. Flavor of the road nalang Ko. Haha. Or maybe… We should make our own ice cream nalang… 😉

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