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Kids Can Cook: Fish Fillet Fun

Cooking with kids can be fun especially if you’re cooking their favorite this. One thing cooking their favorite food can do is also build a sense of belonging, strengthening their roots and appreciation for ‘tradition’. Very much related to how and why we say, “My momma used to cook that,” or, “my momma’s secret recipe.”

My kids love this fish fillet that my aunt cooks up every time we have family get-togethers. So I took advantage of the healthy food pick: started make them on weekends, pop them in the freezer and cook on demand. Voila! Happy kids, healthy kids!

I’m sharing the recipe to all you mommas out there with picky eaters.

Ingredients: fillet cream of dory, eggs, milk, Japanese bread crumbs, salt and pepper.
First, marinate fish with salt and pepper. Don’t overdo the pepper or the kids will find it a bit spicy.
Next, take two eggs, mix with your kind of milk.
Third, dump your crumbs into a deep container – this will keep it mess-free.

Once ready, call on the little elves for the fun stuff. Have them dip the fillet in the egg & milk mixture.

Throw into the crumb pond (hehehe), roll over and you’re done! Easy peasy, right?

If you have a lot of little elves running lose at home, a production line will keep them busy ad bees and happy too.


Just look at that face! 🙂

What easy kid-friendly recipes do you have?



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