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Family Fishing Fun

Fishing + the great outdoors + family = fun 🙂
Fishing isn’t really my thing as I’m quite impatient. But I like being outdoors and want my kids to grow up with the same love for nature and adventure…  And so, we went!  After this experience at d’Pond Family Fishing Fun in Lilo-An, I changed my mind about fishing.

The place isn’t difficult to find. Just take the Cansaga Bridge going north, keep going til you reach Lilo-an and once you see the sign that says this way to D’Pond Family Fishing Fun turn left… Keep going and you’ll see the zipline tower.

Cottages start at p250 for day use. And you don’t get charged for corkage. But their food is deli-so-cious so no worries there :).

Great choice for a simple day of bonding with the kids 🙂


Don’t forget:
Mosquito repellent
Cooler and ice (if you want to bring your catch home)
A book if you prefer the quiet type of bonding (and a prayer for a worthy karaoke enthusiast)
A camera for those memoirs
Change of clothes (in case you get wet)
And an open mind, grateful heart!
You can bring your own fishing stuff too but I like the basic bamboo rods… Feels like Tom Sawyer is right beside me… 🙂 rods for rent start at p5!!!



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