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Cabbage Patch Birthday Hoe Down

Cabbage Patch Kids was a favorite and for 3 Christmases it was all I asked for from Santa. God certainly has a sense of humor coz our #3 looks like my Cabbage Patch Kid, Sally.


When she turned 1, it was a no brainer theme 🙂 of course we chose the CPK theme 🙂 …. and I found the best cake maker in Cebu to do the cake.

Her cake was made by Carlbeth Reynes. It was too adorable to eat!!! But once we took the first slice and bit in, it was too delicious to resist as well. She also has more affordable prices. I actually inquired from a more Creole Cakes (whose cakes look really adorable) and was told personalized cakes like what I specified don’t go below 3k. Gasp! Gag! I was shocked cause I had ordered from Cake Couture before too and it wasn’t that expensive (but then that was years ago so I’m not too sure about the price range) . So, I tried Carlbeth, and was ecstatic when I saw the cake 🙂 isn’t it beautiful?


I just told her I wanted a CPK cake and sent her a copy of the invite so she could get a sketch to the party for the free cake delivery.

This was our lootbag corner. I envisioned a fruit picking orchard but could not find any nearby. A market was then the natural second choice… But due to budgeting constraints, we had a mini-market. I love the baskets 🙂  I just love whipping up parties and coming up with novel ideas.  Wish I had it for a day job.

Anyone needs help? 🙂 Hehehe



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