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JOED’s Lutong Hapon

JOED’s Lutong Hapon – a typical cebuano foodie’s haven… but it’s far from typical I tell you!!!

The hub took me there yesterday. It’s small and cozy, affordable, limpyo and really lami. He knows I would have Jap everyday if I could so he told me he had a surprise for me last Friday and he was right… when Sunday came, I fell in love again – with JOED’s Lutong Hapon. When we got there I immediately wanted to take pictures and blog about it but my phone wasn’t cooperating and I don’t have a point & shoot – boo! So anyhoo, I couldn’t stop thinking about it so I’m blogging about it nalang. I thought we were one of the lucky first finders of this new treasure but when we were there, of the 3 tables that arrived after us, 2 were our friends/family. So sikat diay siya. hehe. Cebu is really small. Some people call it the japanese carenderia but it does not really fall into that category – for me. It’s much like how Kuya J’s was when they started out. Home cum restaurant type of venture where the hub and wife cook and serve.

So what do I love about it?!?!
2. affordable JAPANESE FOOD!!! πŸ™‚
3. very JAPANESE in terms of cleanliness. They have an open kitchen so you can see for yourself how sanitary the food and their cooking is…
4. it’s ‘cottage industry’ so go, go, go JOED!!!

They open til 2AM so midnight snacks are not a faraway thing as it’s just in the neighborhood. Parking can be a challenge but when has that been an issue for us foodies? πŸ™‚ It’s the small eskina right beside the basketball court across S. Cabahug St. I made a sketch coz I really think you guys should try it at least once πŸ™‚

lutong hapon
our new eureka find πŸ™‚

Oh, btw, I didn’t try the WC so I really don’t know what it looks like… πŸ™‚ Keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll be there again tomorrow!!! Will definitely post pics if ever πŸ™‚

UPDATE: Joed’s has moved to Capitol site, ENmore Residences, beside Sacred Heart Hijas.



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