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the apron project

montessori and aprons go hand in hand.  a few weeks ago matty told me, “i need to bring an apron today.”  and that was just a few minutes before he left for school…  stressful!  we had no choice but to send him off with an over-sized apron which, by the way, he refused to wear when he got to school..

the montessori apron
M for Martina

stage mommy decided to search the internet for a pattern and found this incredible mama’s blogspot…  she was a montessori teacher and remains to be by heart :o)  read about her incredible blog here.

planned to spend one sunday making aprons for my two chikitings but i lost the printed

instructions and pattern (i have good reason) and my restless hands couldn’t wait to print so i went ahead and made the aprons from memory.  measure the kids, cut the cloth, sewed…  unfortunately, my sewing machine and i aren’t good friends yet so she went bonkers…  snifff…  finally finished Martina’s apron…

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ran into a sizing snag with Matty’s.  argh.  had to cut the apron and make my own pattern so the fabric wouldn’t go to waste.  still not done.  argh.  will update this post as soon as i finish it. :o)



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