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my little footsies – alexa

the baby shoes i made, my little footsies, has a future in business according to my 8-year old niece, alexa. my sunday was not without samok if i would not make new shoes so i spent some time making another pair.

so glad that i did. she not like my previous design as much as ballet flats so she had some design specifications..  it had to look like her zara shoes (which she placed in front of me for reference).  wasn’t able to take pics of the model shoes but here’s the final product.

my litte footsies - alexa model
naming this pattern/ design alexa in honor of the designer ;o)

and guess what?!?!  so proud of me…  i made the pattern myself! 😀  some comments from home: dad said, the shoe should be turned inside out to hide the stitching (this one uses the blanket stitch and the line isn’t quite even so i didn’t turn it inside out…  oh, and my designer said the stitch adds character to the shoe); kimmy, the designer’s mum, said the string should be longer…  hmmm…  noted!  maybe it would be nicer with ribbons just like real ballerina shoes…

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what do you think?!?! :o)



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