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Les Tresors De LA BELLE AURORE Bookshop

my hubbybub with the owner's mum...
late bloomer with advocate

We’ve discovered a new hideaway and comfort ‘buy’  in La Belle Aurore!  When you step into the bookshop you’re immediately transported into another world.  Right in the heart of the city, the shop is along H. Cortes in Mandaue City (across the Lion Tiger Factory).  It has shelves upon shelves upon shelves of books and there are so many one-of-a-kind finds that you’ll definitely find yourself back for more.

Lloyd stumbled upon the bookshop while I was browsing the Organics shop right beside it.    He went missing and I found him with a big grin on his face in the bookshop.  And he bought a book (my first time to witness this – and he was giddy and excited enough to pose with it).  YEY!  I loved the look and feel of the place and I couldn’t resist asking the lady behind the counter if I could take pictures for my blog 🙂  Anyhoo, she obliged me and we got into deeper conversation.  I asked her the significance of the bookshop’s name (The Beautiful Sunrise/Dawn)  and it so happens that the shop faces the sunrise so the name.  Susie was so delightful and we spent more time than we we expected chatting with her.

For the booklovers out there, you may want to make a stop one of these days.  The shop is owned by Joseff Bryant Lee.  You can check out their website in multiply for some of their titles 🙂

Expanded yet cozy
floor to ceiling, wall to wall




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