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Washable Homemade Breastpads

Day before our actual due date, we decided to go malling to speed up our #3’s coming.  Finally remembered to buy flannel by the yard for another home made baby-related crafty project… washable breastpads! and that was all it took, I guess 🙂

That night the contractions came again (3rd week of on-off sleepless nights) but I wasn’t too excited since it might wane off when morning came.  BUT NO!!!  Bloody show and we were off to the hospital.  Good thing my labor progresses slowly initially.  They induced me at 4PM of the 19th after 5 hours of seemingly unprogressive labor.  And voila, at 4:28, baby was out and singing 🙂  So I digress yet again 🙂  Literally too coz I never got to make those breastpads until we got home.

Skills required: close to nil cutting and sewing skills.  Just put together 4-8 layers (personal preference) of 4.5 x 4.5 squares.  Use flannel or any absorbent material.  Sew to the shape you prefer.  Or you may cut before actually sewing.

I was able to make 10 pairs of 8 layered washable breastpads with 1 meter of flannel.  A full meter costs p48 lang!!!



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