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Save More – Parkmall

Went to do the groceries today… It was too crowded since it was payday and the malls are closed during the long holiday so everyone is rushing.  We didn’t have much choice but to go to Save More @ Parkmall to do it.

Anyway, since Parkmall opened its’ Save More, I’ve been a bit wary about doing our groceries there since I noticed the items are a bit more expensive than usual.  It is most convenient for us and a few cents may not matter to some but sometimes the price difference is a lot!  Today we were disappointed again as our items went through the scanner as several items came out more expensive.  I especially noticed the Fruitini’s cost p1.50 more than it did in Metro Ayala…  Sigh…  is it worth the convenience at all?  Plus I bagged our items myself since the poor cashier didn’t have a bagger tag team with her…  poor lass…  good thing no one was being bitchy to her at the counter…  Oh well…  I hope I won’t have to go there again to do my groceries…

If anyone has other thoughts, or great bargain finds at the Save More in Parkmall.  Let me know 🙂



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