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Microtel – now be Resorts

Microtel Inn & Suites is now be Resorts.  I guess the owners decided to let go of the Franchise sooner than expected.  We haven’t been to the place since it was renamed but I guess it’s pretty much the same with the same owners running the place.

be Resorts is run by the Benedicto family and when it was Microtel, it was good.  I guess the facilities are even better than one can expect from an economy/ budget hotel. We’ve always preferred it since we find the prices reasonable.  Although the beach itself is not nice, the size is okay, the rooms are quite clean and comfy and the food is rather affordable.  Plus, great for young families since the place is compact.  I don’t recommend swimming at the beach though since the seabed is riddled with hazardous stuff…

be resort
view from the beachfront

Posting picks from previous stays.



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