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the elusive VAPORIN

The husband and I have been suffering sleepless nights this past week. Our little boy, Matty, caught a bug and he’s been sick since Saturday. I know it’s been ages since the last blog… so this might be a bit off… Anyhoo, poor daddy has been bringing him to the hospital for blood work just to make sure it’s not the dreaded D-dengue! Today, his results were optimal – seems like it was just a viral bug probably from school or some public place.

So, over the past few days, since we had a new baby (my sister’s) due home, I’ve been trying to buy Vaporin. I came across this product a few years back and found it very effective. It’s an air purifier/sanitizer that has been clinical proven to kill all those germies floating in the air ready to zero on for the kill.

We actually got to use this coz those few years back I was looking for a way to get rid of the molds and mildew and that awful smell it brings with it. Our bedroom is located right by the laundry area so we’re susceptible to that. The first few days in that bedroom were horrible. Asthma attacks, fever, cough and colds… you name it! We got hold of vaporin and tried it. Amazing how such a tiny sachet could do wonders!!! That’s why I went searching for it again to sanitize the air before the baby came home. Alas! We’ve been to at least 5 pharmacies spread over Cebu, Mandaue and Mactan and none of them have this product on the shelf! I sure hope IPI has not stopped producing it.

Anyway, whoever comes across this, if you know anywhere, or anyone who is selling Vaporin, please be an angel and do let me know 🙂



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