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Kadaugan Sa Mactan

Today, April 27, is the celebration of the Kadaugan Sa Mactan. This celebration commemorates the battle of Mactan between the local chieftain, Lapu-Lapu, and the protugese explorer, Magellan.

Every year, the local government marks this historical moment with a week long festival dubbed as Kadaugan Sa Mactan. Street dancing, sports events, a local foodfair, concerts, shows, and the most-awaited part, the re-enactment of the Battle of Mactan. The hero’s role is usually played by local celebrities. Last year, Pacquaio himself played the role Lapu-Lapu. It would have been perfect if Morales had played the role of Magellan! This year, Joko Diaz, Gino Padilla and Maureen Larazabal are playing the key roles. It will also be the first time that the re-enactment will be done as a musical. The organizers have also slated it to be done in the evening. Probably coz more people show up in the evenings.

As shameful as it sounds, it was my first time every to actually go near the Mactan Shrine. The closest I’ve been to it before was across the street where the vendors used to showcase their very afforadable wares. Hmmm… my first impression? Impressive! The local government has really done well in beautifying the place. I liked what I saw and the event itself was very well-attended. It could have been better but I am not complaining 😀 Here are some pictures of the opeingn and the evening food carousel. Enjoy!!!

Mark your calendars for next year as it is a definite must-see! The parking goes as far as Barangay Punta Engano.



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