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Fastball Batting Cages


ball fanatics
ball fanatics



Summer is here!!! What better way to spend the hot afternoons than with your kids and/or huny… sweating it out while bonding at the Aboitiz Sportsfield!!!
Fastball Batting Cages is owned and operated by Jesse Bernad, baseball star of the city 🙂 Here are some photos to convince you to get off that arse… :))



adventurous mom of 3 equally adventurous kids and wife of an equally laid back city slicker...

5 thoughts on “Fastball Batting Cages

  1. First Comment for the record 🙂 thank you jessie for making our dreams possible and thank you also lechon monster? so sorry for that i don’t know what name is 🙂 thank you for posting your photos right on the field hope to see more photos from fastball.

    god bless
    more power

  2. no i did not sign for the tune up games please post an update i dont know anything about that..

    leave a post regarding with the tune up games.

    we have 3 games for this coming saturday for the softball tournament i ma playin with the halbstarken team.

    thank you..

  3. What tune up games? i never heard of that. all i know is that Softball tournament. Please give more information about the tune up games.

    Thank you

    1. hi neil! it’s been ages since i’ve logged in here. been busy with work so that means i haven’t been to the batting cages either. hope you guys are enjoying 🙂

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